In celebration of our beloved Sydney Harbour Bridge turning 90 years old on the 19th of March, we’re reaching out to Australians across the country to share their untold stories and artefacts for present and future generations to enjoy.

Over the years, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been fondly described as the coat hanger, a symphony of steel, the arch that cut the sky, and even the humpback whale. But of all the nicknames Sydney’s iconic landmark received in the past 90 years, the iron lung is one that echoes its significance for those who built it, breathing life back into Sydney at what was a tough time for many and providing work to thousands of people across NSW.

Did you or someone you know work on the construction or maintenance of the Bridge? Perhaps you worked in the original Pylon Museum or Tea Room? Do you own a unique piece of Bridge memorabilia, or hold a special memory involving the Bridge?

With 90 years of history behind it, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is brimming with stories to tell. All story and artefact submissions will be reviewed for possible inclusion, in time, within the Pylon Lookout & Museum – the home of the history of the Bridge.


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